Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pink Police Invade Gonzales Hearing

In a packed hearing room, a nervous Alberto Gonzales attempted to defend his record of violating the Constitution and entering the United States into an era of torture. CODEPINK arrived at the break of dawn to be the among the first people in line for the hearing. The "Pink Police" marched in demanding that President Bush fire Gonzales for refusing to uphold the constitution. Officer Liz and Officer Medea held up the Constitution for Senators and the Attorney General. It is perhaps the first time the Attorney General was in the presence of the Bill of Rights. The Pink Police successfully arrested Gonzales ( or at least a strong likeness) and he traded his clothes in for the requisite Gitmo orange jump suit.
As the hearing continued, Gonzales attempted to evade questions Gonzales feigned having a short term memory problem. Gonzales had more than 50 memory problems before lunch with a "I don't recall" account of above 50 before the lunch break.
For the first time in the Gonzales administration, Justice, Liberty, and Habeas Corpus , all made their way back into the United States. CODEPINK women wore bright pink gowns with sashes reading "I MISS JUSTICE", "I MISS LIBERTY", and "I MISS HABEAS CORPUS". "I MISS JUSTICE" stood strong throughout the hearing by standing up for hours.
CODEPINK's presence throughout the hearing was noticeable. The women from around the country literally brought justice and the rule of law back into the United States. The Senators had to ask their questions knowing that every word, every question, was being witnessed by strong activists who will not let Gonzales get away with violating the Constitution any longer. Attorney General Gonzales had to the answer questions in front of signs calling on his resignation and firing. CODEPINK had the strongest contingent at the hearing, evening causing Gonzales to temporarily exit the hearing room to shouts of "Resign", " Do You Recall Torture?", and "Fire the Liar". As long as CODEPINK is around Capitol Hill, Bushies like Gonzales will not be able to act with impunity.


Anonymous said...

you go pinks. give them ol boys hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace is Patriotic said...

[= makes me smile.