Tuesday, April 24, 2007

CODEPINK "prescription for peace" demo in halls of Congress

On Monday April 23rd, CODEPINK activists took a creative anti-war protest into the offices of all 23 House members on the Iraq War Supplemental. Some of us dressed up as doctors with nametags reading "American Voted MD" to deliver a "prescription for peace". Others had pink fabric signs safetypinned to our shirts with slogans like "CURES NOT WARS" and "WAR IS BAD MEDICINE". Later that day the representatives we visited would be gathering in the Capitol building as part of the conference committee that would meet to reconcile the House and senate versions of the 2007 Iraq War supplemental spending bill. So, we went into their offices and asked to talk to the Congressperson so we could check her or his heart. We split up into three groups in which the person wearing pink scrubs and a stethoscope (aka Dr. Voter MD) took the lead in talking to whoever would see us. We met with a chief of staff, several legislative aids, and many low level staffers throughout the day. Each time we would present them with a "Prescription for peace" that was attached to a toy soldier with pink ribbon.
To our surprise, Congressman Kingston (R-GA) aggr
eed to meet with us and personally accepted our "Prescription for peace"; he REALLY seemed to listen to us. We spent about 20 minutes discussing our differing philosophies regarding U.S. foreign policy. It was a fantastic dialogue!

We continued on delivering prescriptions most of the afternoon while being trailed by two to five Capitol Police as we moved throughout the public buildings which house Congressional offices. Afterward, Some of us stood outside at the entrance of where Congresspersons were entering the building to go to theconference committee hearing; a few people went into the Capitol but were not allowed into the hearing room despite it being publicized online as a "public hearing".

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO of our "Prescription for Peace" demonstration incuding some behind the scenes footage of CODEPINKers brainstorming and preparing for the action.

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