Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Meet & Greet Truth Squad

A small group of CODEPINK went to the Biltmore to say
we stronglyopppose war mongers that want permanent
falied foreign policy that decreases our national security!
We tried to negotiate our presence with police to be able to
stand on our favorite corner where (many many protests)
the lane merges the traffic into the Arizona Biltmore.
The negotiation was limited and we could absolutley not
be at the most appropos location until after the motorcade drives into the resort.
Sarah Palin entered the resort around 7pm our signs
were in perfect position from the motorcade perspective.
We were going to pack up and leave but suddenly there were signals
that another politican was expected. The helicopter was hovering while flashing lights
and police started redirecting traffic and re-closing the street in and out of the Az Biltmore resort......almost 8pm McCains entourage enters slowly each vehicle looking at our banners.
Support our Troops with Peace Get Us out of Iraq Johnny>>>>>>>>>>>NOW!!
Stop the Torture Policies Senator
Close Gitmo Senator
Stop Illegal Eavesdropping Senator
Support the troops
Hate this War/Occupation!!


caterliz said...

It was a never to forget moment when John McCain looking exhausted turned his head to read our banners............and we made eye contact once again!!It was great for the people's voice that he took the last drive of this campaign & at the end of the road there we were CODEPINK PPeace Team!!!Standing Strong confident and unrelentingly poised with backbone integrity love and absolute VICTORY for the world zeal!!thankful to have these opportunities!!

JimPreston said...

Be the Liz!!
Be the Peace!!