Sunday, November 2, 2008

Arizona Residents Statewide Join to Divorce McCain

Nov 1 2008

Phoenix Arizona
95 degrees
Sunny Bright Day

Outside McCains headquarters

We the Arizona residents have organized a statewide pre-election day of action to Speak Out for Peace with a Divorce Ceremony!Lisa played the role of Miss Arizona and we had a grande choregraphed ceremony to officially declare a separation from our failed leader bubble beltway Johnny-Endless War in Iraq & Torture are no longer tolerated in our names with my tax dollars.The country needs a break from wars hate racism intolerance WE NEED A REAL CHANGE not more of the same worthless criminal leadership!!
McCain's many years of failed leadership with Torture policies,promoting endless wars,and generally disconnected from the people of Arizona reminds me of the desparate need to bring back integrity to repair the soul of our country not perpetuate the same flawed policy.Good Policy makes Good Politics! We had a symbolic divorce ceremony outside theMcCain headquarters on 16th street.The coaliton of many speakers from CODEPINK for Peace & womens groups to union organizers to indigenous stalwarts to Iraq War Vets we all were provided time to speak up about why we are divorcing McCain from this great state.We are tired of endless preemptive wars of aggression and fear that further erode any moral standing and the very real possibility of new wars in Pakistan or Syria......... or elsewhere! We don't want Torture policies to continue to plague our conscience and clearly McCain is on the torture team.Endless illegal Occupation of Iraq & Torture will be the 2 reasons we in Arizona have to Stand up and Speak out loud McCain Does Not Represent our values!!Change begins with Peace so Speak Up for Peace and bringing our troops home everyday!!!!!!!!!
Liz in Arizona

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