Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Year + Review

Refugee Mom and ChildSisters-in-Peace,

It has been a heartwrenching, neckbreaking and breathtaking year here at the Pink House! I don't think I've done so much in so little time in my entire life. (The closest I've ever come to being this busy was the year I applied and earned a grant to take my bilingual 4th grade students on a class trip to the State Capitol, Austin, while coaching and managing our class soccer team. Oh yeah, I also taught them English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading, and Writing.)

I have found my drug of choice: adrenaline! (Thanks to my suppliers, Medea & Gael) So when I'm not high I can be found "hang dog" down on our Do Nothing Congress or raving mad at the media.

Being the "house mama" continues to be a surprise and a great highlight for me. Although I am no Betty Crocker homemaker, to which my family will gladly testify under oath, I have come to love cooking and doing linens for my sisters-in-peace. Entire CODEPINK chapters have become my best friends. I love our righteous women from the Bay Area, New York, Western Mass. and Florida chapters. They kick "ASS" on the Hill!

In the last year, I've met hundreds of like-minded individuals and less we forget, some other minded ones, too! Condi and I have become acquainted and I've had the blessing of being fitted for my very own, real-deal orange jumpsuit. ("NO!", they said when I begged to keep it and wear it home) I've learned to recognize ALL the U.S. Senators and the best and worst of the House of ill Repute. I've left innumerable messages pleading for peace at Pelosi's condo in Georgetown and chased Senator Leiberman around corners and into many elevators for his rabid rhetoric on Iran.

Here in the house we, ('cuz I've never been without my sidekicks Liz, Leslie or Ellen until recently) have hosted citizen activists from Iraq, Iran, Vietnam, the Phillipines, Cameroon, Kenya, Senegal, Ghana, Mali, Brazil, Italy, and Japan. We also hosted documentary filmmakers from India, Spain, England, Belgium, Brazil, France and Germany.

Standing in as a representative of CODEPINK, I've choked up in shame and fury to crowds in Vicenza, Italy and Curitiba, Brazil. Traveling with our peace team, I've pinked Posada in Miami, Cheney in New York and Blackwater in Virginia. I sang and chanted through the French Quarter and scouted undercover in Minneapolis/Saint Paul.

Although things have slowed down a bit this summer, no swarms of teachers and students breaking down our doors, I look forward to helping create "Peace Plazas" or "Block Parties for Peace" with our brothers and sisters in the movement at the DNC and RNC and hope that a very near future includes participating in a delegation of peacemakers to Iran.

Simone and I in Curitibawith middle-schoolers whose moms heard us speak the day before!
Hope you'll come see me this summer!
the "mama"!

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