Tuesday, April 21, 2009

First day on Capitol Hill by Maggie Whitman

Today was my first day going to Capitol Hill as an activist. I visited D.C. and the Capitol Building a few years ago as a tourist, but it’s been a really different experience being here with CODEPINK! This morning we sat in on a discussion with Tim Geithner and the Congressional Oversight Panel. He talked about the Treasury’s bank rescue plan and had to answer (or rather, evade) some tough questions from the panel. A large part of the discussion was over my head, but it was good to be there and learn more about the banking situation. There were several of us from CODEPINK sitting directly behind Geithner so we can be seen on all the press coverage from the discussion.

My favorite part about being here with CODEPINK has been the recognition and positive praise we get from a wide range of people. Today I followed Liz around the senate buildings as she greeted everyone from senators to police officers. We were often smiled at or flashed a peace sign, and someone even jokingly called us “troublemakers.” It’s amazing what wearing a little pink can do. I think we made people uneasy as we walked into the hearings. The other CODEPINK ladies said we’re well known as an unpredictable group, so the capitol police are a little leery of us. We certainly did stand out amidst the suits and pantyhose and professional looking people. But we were quiet and I didn’t get arrested, so my parents will be happy!

I’ll be writing again this week…
Maggie Whitman (Wisconsin)


ads2art said...

Unpredictable huh! You go girl and I will be checking back, not to mention watching C-Span!

momma cyn said...

Your CSPAN debut was great!
Look out Hillary, there's a new girl in town!
Love ya,
Momma Cyn

hillstaffer14 said...

Known as troublemakers? I wonder why.

All of you waste your time going to congressional hearings. Then you act like children and start screaming and interrupting the hearings. Then you get kicked out, and the cycle starts all over again.

What do you expect to gain from this? DO you really think that being rude and disrespectful is a good way to get Congress to listen to you?

As someone who works on the Hill I think that its important you all know that you guys are revered there the way you think you are, people find you annoying, petty, and useless. If your going to protest and fight for change, do it the right way..not the wrong way

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