Wednesday, October 24, 2007

VIDEO: Medea Benjamin and others arrested inside Condoleeza Rice Congressional Hearing

More Video and Pics at NY Post Online

More Video from CBS News online

Medea Benjamin Arrested for Holding Up Peace Sign:

Police Use Excessive Force Arresting CODEPINK Women:


Eileen Coles said...
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Eileen Coles said...

Give her all the HELL she deserves! Desiree, Lori and Liz rockin' the roxxor!

Looks like Condi's not havin' a good day today. Be proud that you were part of it. Now here's the rest - enjoy!

Reposted to fix link.

Anonymous said...

Desiree Ali-Fairooz was voted by her class at Beirut High as the "Graduate Most Likely To Shahid".

Eileen Coles said...

The freepazoid stalker is back I see. Sleep tight America, Rambone's mommy is letting him use the 'puter again.

ryan from richmond said...

Des, Liz, Medea, Lori, your spirit is amazing...stay strong! Peace now, not later.

Anonymous said...

Liz,Medea, Des, leslie, all the code pink women!

I hope you are doing well, you are making all sorts of news :-) and getting the RIGHT message out there. I have never been prouder to know such incredible people!

Lots of love, and peace always!

January joy

Anonymous said...

eileen coles sounds like a complete
mental case. I hope she's locked up somewehere

Star Womanspirit said...

All Pink Code Women Rock!!Why did YOU TUBE take down the excessive force video? If you will send the video file to me I'll get it put up in a place they won't take it down....and also make sure it's posted to my blog....I blog with

I'm studying over the next few weeks then I hope to make it up to DC with my video camera to help document what you great women are doing!!

True Patriots one and all....
Thank you for your great service to your country!!


Anonymous said...

Throw the book at these hippie whack jobs! If you do, maybe the fires at the capitol restrooms will stop. These animals should be banned from playing with matches!

Anonymous said...

You could just tap one of these Code Pink women and they start squealing like the pigs they are! This footage is beautiful. Hey, post some footage of the fires you are setting in the bathrooms!